When you live in a powerful, abundant, creative and at times overwhelming city like New York, I have to think it’s fairly common to always want to strive for more but sometimes feel like you’ve come up short. I’m surrounded by greatness, success, uniqueness and more, more, more!

Is there more I could have done?

Could I have done that bigger, better, faster, smarter?

Does the answer always have to be ‘yes’?

I recently came across The Great Discontent’s “Are you Creatively Satisfied?” video and it obviously got me thinking – am I? Not only creatively, but am I satisfied in terms of love, work, beauty, friendships, the steps I’m taking for my future?

Are you?

It’s a struggle sometimes to do what you want to do, be the person you wish to be or focus on what you’re interested in (there’s a concept!) because there is so much pressure on the “what’s next”? I can’t think of a worse way to be creative, content or open for growth.

I’m realizing the next part of this puzzle is in finding the balance. For sanity purposes, there has to be a level of satisfaction in what you do, who you are, how you present yourself and where you’re headed while balancing (and working with) the discontent you have to always do better, be better – satisfy better. It’s a daily struggle to focus on the balance of being satisfied and not enough, but what’s your driving force if you’re just content?

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