The diagnosis: Wanderlust.

Travel – it’s a funny thing.

It seems to be one of the only infections we welcome, plan for, want to share details on and spread the word about with such conviction.

The side effects: exposure to new cultures, realizing how small you really are, adventures, getting lost in the right places, learning the value/power of others’ (and your) currency, expanding your palate, falling more in love, learning your barriers, personal growth, revitalizing your soul, and the need for repeating it more and as often as possible.

The cure: buying the ticket – it’s never official until the plane ticket is purchased.

Drum roll.….

Philippines, my man and I will see you in October! My wanderlust shall be remedied soon; 7,000+ islands to try and explore, new family & friends to meet, THE FOOD, the adventures, those moments, the beaches.

Lastly, all of the above is just a reminder that you have to work hard to feed your wanderlust. The prescription can get costly, but honestly – what’s your deductible on the lifelong memories you make with each journey?

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