Welcome Back.

Welcome back! (that’s for me and ultimately, you)

I’ve struggled with a bit of writer’s block lately which means lots and lots of ideas have taken place in my head and drafts jotted down here before they end up in the trash. But enough! The final conclusion is just to write, Kara.

The start of this new year has been a slow, analytical one where I’ve stepped back, really observed the world around me and the almost 31-year-old person that I’m maturing into more than I ever have before. One guess as to why might be all of the time spent hibernating indoors due to the brutal winter we’ve endured. Seasonal affective disorder, something pretty new to me, was in full effect over the last few months. However, with a trip home to Florida booked for this weekend, international travel plans happening and the beginning of my spring wardrobe starting to take shape, the light is so, so close.

In all honesty, it was in my many moments of analysis when it became clear that the first step of most anything in life is recognition. I started to see a coach to help get my thoughts in order, my goals on track, my priorities back in sync, and my excitement for what’s ahead flourishing. One of the first pieces of gold she’s helped with has been that of recognizing myself, my world and how I feel about it.

It’s about acknowledging your feelings or actions and finding comfort in the acceptance – allowing your brain to categorize and interpret what you’re sensing. After all, you can’t really develop if you’re in denial or keep your mind/eyes/heart/mouth closed.

May seem elementary but I feel at times we (well, some of us) are so conditioned to ‘keep calm and carry on’. Recognizing, or remembering, that it’s okay to reflect, feel, dream, question, and take action is human – and better than just recognizing it is doing it.

Again, with every approaching birthday, I start the reflection process: Am I where I need to be at this age? Am I doing it right? Am I making enough? And so on. With these questions usually comes the partnership of doubt, anxiety or unease and more than any feeling, I’m RECOGNIZING that these are okay to feel, and hell – sometimes exactly what we need.

I guess the point of this welcoming post is to remind you to feel, question, meditate, evaluate, recognize, and accept.

Welcome back to basics.

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