Connecting the dots.

*fingers warming, cracks knuckles, starts typing..*

My new year is just starting. I’m still trying to get back into the habit – or exercise – of writing regularly so consider this still one of my new year’s resolutions. Forget January 1st, I’m ringing in my 31st year of life by freshly re-examining my goals, setting my sights on where this new year will head and by connecting more dots.

In the year-and-a-half that I’ve been freelancing, it impresses me how often the connections and dots align; from word of mouth referrals and new business prospects to partnerships and the process of seeing ideas through to completion.

For me, one form of fulfillment comes from having an idea and making it come to life. Start to finish. That’s a trait I like to keep warm as I get older (and wiser) – finishing what I start.

A few months ago, I was brainstorming ideas for one of my current and very first freelance clients, Deux Lux. Knowing that they had never incorporated video into their branding and messaging, the time was now to bring their handbags to life beyond lookbook images. I started running ideas by my man, TomasMoves, who is frequently shooting, editing and collaborating on video projects. Shortly after I was running through themes, possible models and locales, we had a video concept that I could present to my client – one that they went for! The icing on idea cake is when someone says, “Go for it!”

With Deux Lux and Tomas already on board, my next call was to a talented, stylish and up-for-anything friend, Lauren who runs her sartorial passion project, The Marcy Stop, and inquire if she’d model for the video. To add more icing, she agreed to participate!

Flash forward a few weeks and in-between dodging various winter snow storms, the three of us were able to shoot the Spring 2014 Deux Lux video over two days in and around Brooklyn! And to connect another dot, Lauren hooked us up with a friend’s band, Freedom Fry, that supplied the video’s soundtrack – win, win, win.

Check it out, take a trip through our idea process’ and the Spring 2014 Deux Lux collection!



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