Stop & smell the roses

We tend to get carried away in the details of each week, don’t we? Between running around to appointments, making sure you’re where you need to be, staying on top of real life matters and maintaining a personal life, it’s easy for your head to get lost along the way.

It could be because it’s Friday (Hallelujah!) and I’m reflecting on the week or it’s the email that landed in my inbox earlier that enticed, “read this, get inspired”, but I started contemplating about inspiration in general and what, or who, motivates me on a daily or weekly basis.

A short list of what’s inspired me this week:

  • People who hustle
  • People who say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’
  • Getting paid
  • Strangers who hold the door for other strangers
  • People who put their creativity to use
  • Good news
  • Knowing your personal worth and standing up for it
  • Love
  • Small successes
  • Upcoming travel
  • Hope
  • A great night’s sleep
  • Phone calls with lifelong friends
  • Having someone, or multiple someones, in your corner to push you

It’s one of those ‘stop and smell the roses’ moments.. What’s your motivation?



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