How aware are you?

Opening thought: How the heck is it July?!

I’ve been taking my own advice lately of stopping to smell the roses, but the figurative roses.

One word that has been a staple in my daily grind for the last few months is awareness – stopping a moment, or moments, to be aware of my thoughts, actions, conversations, and feelings.

Might sound elementary but it’s something that I’ve been actively focusing my energy on. It’s so easy to feel excited, feel anxious, think the same way you always have, etc. and to go on about those moments without really paying attention as to what makes us feel this or that way. We just end up feeling without purpose at times. The challenge is in the training (or retraining) of stepping back to one of the most basic learning concepts and asking “why does this make me happy/sad/anxious?”

Don’t ever be too busy or sad or happy or prideful to be aware and ask yourself questions.

Being aware of the why I’m letting an anxious feeling arise or a moment of self-doubt creep in and how these affect my mood is extremely liberating. As I’ve been practicing becoming more aware, I’m realizing that I am able to control more of my thoughts, actions and feelings for the better.

How freeing is that?!




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