Crossing Borders

I’m just going to breeze on by the fact that it’s been more than a minute since I was last here…

It’s been a busy year, lots of exciting life happening, personal and professional growth, and plans taking shape. One of the newest pieces of exciting news is that I’m not only extending my PR realm, client focus, and partnerships but I’m also expanding into a new country while doing so!

Thrilled to announce that I’m joining the super-talented, lady-led team of The Knot Group, the Canadian-based-but-expanding public relations and event management agency for businesses in the arts, culture, fashion, and lifestyle sectors. I’m coming aboard as The Knot Group’s US PR Director and joining along with me is another NY gem, expert Events Director Erika Mercado. Really looking forward to many creative collaborations and lots of success with these ladies in the near future.

The last few years of freelancing has been (for the most part) such a blessing. The people I’ve met and relationships that have resulted – and are resulting – are a true testament that I made the right career decision for myself.

You can read the full announcement here:

The Knot Group also rolled out the welcome mat with a little interview:

WHO’S WHO: Kara Hughett

After spending seven years at two New York based Public Relation firms, and three years freelancing, Kara Hughett  has mastered the business and is ready for something bigger. Kara joins the TKG team as our PR Director who, along with our Events Director Erika, spearhead TKG’s exciting expansion to the United States. We get to know her better here:

  1. Happiness =Getting older (surprisingly!) – figuring out what makes you tick, what doesn’t, and what matters most.
  2. What’s your mantra?So it Goes
  3. You’re on a road trip, who are you listening to on the radio?The best is driving through nature while listening to any of the Wes Anderson movie soundtracks – try it!
  4. The three words you use far too often are:Awesome. Great. ‘Thanks!’
  5. What characteristic do you value most in others?Loyalty
  6. Who is your literary hero?Kurt Vonnegut (hence the ‘So it Goes’)
  7. Favourite food?Cheese in all its glorious forms.
  8. Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?I’ve been likened to Elizabeth Berkley (a.k.a. Jessie Spano) from time to time.
  9. What’s your trademark item?I’d like to say my outgoing disposition
  10. If you weren’t living in Toronto, where would you live?If I wasn’t in Brooklyn, I’d be living as close to the beach as possible. Or Italy!
  11. Favourite event you’ve worked on:amfAR’s Inspiration Gala
  12. Coffee/Tea/Other?coffee daily (preferably served in an actual cup rather than a paper one) and flavored soda water is my weakness.

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